Download Free WooCommerce Storefront Designer WordPress plugin v1.8.4

WooCommerce Storefront Designer v1.8.4 – Get creative with Storefront Designer – fine tune your site design for a tailored aesthetic.

Storefront Required

This extension is designed to work specifically with Storefront, the official WooCommerce theme. It will not work with any other theme.

Storefront is available to download for free. Read more.

Storefront Designer gives you incredible creative freedom – make your site stand out from the crowd in just a few clicks!

The Storefront Designer extensions adds a bunch of additional settings to the Customizer allowing your to further customise the look and feel of your web site. With the power these settings unlock you’ll be able to create a truly unique Storefront site that looks like no other!


In addition to the stock Storefront design options you’ll be get access to:

New header options

Choose a new header layout. The ‘expanded’ layout moves your site search and secondary navigation to the top of the page and the ‘central’ layout centrally aligns everything for more streamlined headers. There’s also a ‘Sticky’ header option which, as the name suggests, when enabled will ‘stick’ the header to the top of the page as the user scrolls.

WooCommerce Storefront Designer v1.8.4 Changelog

2016.08.25 – v1.8.4
* Fix – Header layout when using the “inline” option.

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