Download Free Intelligent WordPress Live Chat Plugin WordPress plugin v1.0.3

Intelligent WordPress Live Chat Plugin v1.0.3 v1.0.3 although v1.0.4 has been released and we published it soon. This professional tool also known as iSupport is an intelligent WordPress live chat plugin that will work on any type of WP website or blog which need a customer sales and customer support system through live chat. The main logic of this automatically search and auto suggest based live chat plugin is that in each and every company there are finite number of client unknown queries. And client question is not unlimited. So the operator currently have to type all the common related answers over and over again. This is a wasting of time and bad customer service. But by using this plugin all the common question and answer will be saved in a database. You do not need to worry about that and those answers can easily be used whenever you want to replied the same answers.

Demo Intelligent WordPress Live Chat Plugin v1.0.3