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Erplayer v1.0.6 Erplayer – Radio Player for Elementor Free Download 1.0.6 – CodeCanyon | Erplayer – Radio Player for Elementor v1.0.6 is a Pro.Radio WordPress plugin that adds a Radio Player widget to Elementor, allowing you to replicate the sound of any web radio station and show the song titles of any compatible source. It can also fetch and view the song artwork if needed. Why to choose? This radio player is based on ten years of experience developing radio players for WordPress, and it supports any common radio streaming format, including ShoutCast v2 and Icecast, as well as vendor formats from independent companies. The popup choice is a key feature that allows your visitor to listen to music while browsing the website, and the unparalleled versatility makes this Elementor radio player the most versatile radio player for any website (desktop only, as there is no such thing as popups for mobile). Its impressive design customizability will astound you, making it the most adaptable radio player on the market, suitable for any brand, style, music genre, or website. Features of Erplayer – Radio Player for Elementor: Unlimited amount of radio channels Background colors Font: choose any google font, size, letter-spacing and color Volume and playlist show/hide Background image Toggle button design, color and look Paddings, margins, size, shadow, corners, alignments Starting volume Positioning Layout Background opacity Functionality options Optionally fetch album artwork

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